Feeling Light

Pure Skills DAY CBG & D3


Extracted from 100% organic plants, our Anxiety CBD oil was designed to soothe you, calm your emotions and reduce your stress throughout the day.

Why use this Anxiety CBD Oil?

Stress, tension, anxiety, our CBD oil will allow you to find serenity And lull during peaks of daily stress. Guarantee without THC , you can use it when you need it during the day

Unique formulation.

The unique combination of CBD, CBG and Vitamin D3 © will help you find calm and peace. Face the difficult days without a lump in your stomach and no longer be held back by the different forms of stress you are experiencing

Quality and ethics.

Our CBD is grown in the heart of Switzerland and meets all high quality standards, it is non-psychotropic and contains no traces of THC. Anxiety CBD oil is guaranteed Broad Spectrum and obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction.

product does not exceed 0.00% THC

Do not consume