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Budkups - 3 pcs


BudKups - 3-piece kit - Accessory for Pax

Discover our BudKups kit, an essential accessory for Pax, available on the Feeling Light store. This kit, accompanied by BudKups 3.0, perfectly embodies our feelinglight approach. Specially designed for the Pax 2 and Pax 3 portable vaporizers, it offers an optimal and lightweight vaporization experience.

The BudKit Plus is more than just a set of accessories; it represents a harmonious fusion of intelligent design and lightness. Each component has been carefully thought out to ensure a smooth user experience. Our feelinglight philosophy is reflected in this comprehensive kit, offering a complete solution for filling and storing BudKups capsules.

With the ingenious capsule filling system, each BudKups 3.0 finds its dedicated place in a meticulous arrangement. The lightweight spatula makes it easy to precisely insert chopped herbs, adding a touch of lightness to the preparation process. Once the capsules are filled, the spatula transforms into a lightweight tool to elevate them, allowing effortless closure with their corresponding lid.

In summary, the BudKit Plus with BudKups 3.0 embodies our feelinglight philosophy. Enjoy a fast and efficient filling system while embracing the lightness that defines our unique approach on the Feeling Light store.