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Crafty +


Storz and Bickel made vaporizer history with their iconic invention, the Volcano Vaporizer, making their mark on the industry as early as the 2000s. Since then, their influence on the vaporizer community has been undeniable. The Crafty, along with its companions, stands out among the best devices on the market, the result of two decades of research and development. Its solid design and advanced features make it a must-have choice for vaping enthusiasts. Plus, its versatility allows you to vaporize a variety of concentrates, ensuring a personalized and long-lasting experience.

Powerful little
The Crafty, equipped with Storz and Bickel's signature convection/conduction motor, delivers consistent, instant steam in a small 0.3 lb. frame. Its heating technology allows for a rapid heat-up time of less than three minutes, combining conduction and convection for smooth, consistent vapor. With a single lithium-ion battery, it's easy to charge via a universal USB 3.0 port. Enjoy a relaxing and zen vaping experience with this high quality product, perfect for a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

The little volcano
Measuring at 4.29 x 2.20 x 1.30 inches, the Crafty shares the same design principles as the Volcano Vaporizer. It incorporates Storz & Bickel's signature conduction/convection motor, as well as ultra-resistant and safe materials. This construction guarantees exceptional durability and facilitates cleaning by allowing disassembly into several parts.

Smart App, Smart Choice
Storz and Bickel are known for their commitment to quality, and their application is a perfect example. Many high-end vaporizers follow this route to simplify their devices. The Crafty goes even further with one of the most user-friendly apps on the market. You can adjust default temperatures and control LED and haptic functions via the app. It also displays battery level and provides alarms and vibrations. A remarkable feature even allows real-time temperature monitoring in the heating chamber.

German engineering
This portable vaporizer, nicknamed “Crafty +”, fully lives up to its reputation. Featuring many clever design details, it stands out for its simplified use. With its one-button operation, it frees up more space for other functions. The associated app makes it easy to adjust temperatures. Additionally, its external mouthpiece pivots fluidly, hiding skillfully within its design. Steam charging provides a unique experience. The Crafty+ is also equipped with a packing tool that ensures secure storage of your materials in its 0.3g chamber.

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