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Dynavap M 2021


Dynavap M 2021 | 5th edition

Dynavap M 2021, is the 5th edition of the famous “M” in stainless steel from the American manufacturer Dynavap!

Like every year since 2017, this new edition brings technical innovation and design.

Discover its new stainless steel tip with crown and facets and its new double-entry airflow!

The Dynavap “M” is the entry-level version from the manufacturer Dynavap.

This manufacturer offers a simple, effective and durable vaporization system that works mechanically with a lighter, without electronics, software or batteries.

Thus, the famous “Cap” which serves as a heating element emits an audible signal (audible in the form of a “click-clack”) when the temperature is reached, while heating with a lighter.

A system that has won over many fans and allowed Dynavap to stand out and establish itself on the market!

Like every year, the manufacturer offers us a new, improved and stylized edition of its flagship product, the VapCap “M”.

Features :

– Helps with temperature control
– Puffs on demand
– Made of stainless steel
– Works with a storm lighter
– New “Chiral” type airflow with double inlet
– New “Septa Crown” Stainless Steel Tip
– New snakeskin design grip
– 10mm bubbler compatible mouthpiece
– Compatible with electronic Induction Heaters!

Using the dynavap:

-Start by removing the “cap”
-Insert the ground plants into the bowl
-for the use of solid, resinous, oily or crystalline concentrates, use cotton or screens
-Replace the “cap” on the bowl
-Heat the cap over its entire circumference by rotating the Dynavap “M” 2021 (do not heat a fixed point)
-Stop heating when the “click-clack” sounds (stop at the “click”)
-Inhale gently and long
-The “click-clack” sounds again, which means that the temperature has dropped again
-We now have the option of heating again for a new puff, or resting the Dynavap to finish our plants later.