Feeling Light

Pure Skills Journey RELIEF & SLEEP


Our package CBD Sleep Oil + CBD Pain Oil is composed of our two best-sellers to help you sleep peacefully and relieve your muscle and joint pain. The ideal combination to benefit from the best CBD has to offer for optimal recovery.

Why use our this Pack?

Our two Best-Sellers in one pack . OUR Sleep Oil to help you let go at bedtime, increase the duration of your deep sleep and regulate your circadian cycles.

Wake up in great shape and enjoy full and restorative nights, say goodbye to insomnia and sleep disorders.

Our pain oil to relax and soothe muscle and joint pain, reduce your inflammation and reduce your recovery time. Reach the goals you set for yourself faster!

Unique formulation.

The formulations of our oils are unique, thought out and designed to improve your well-being. Whether you are looking for fitness, ambitious athlete or with a view to losing weight. Our oils will help you achieve your goals!

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