Feeling Light

Pure Skills Night CBG & MELATONIN


Extracted from 100% organic plants, our CBD Sleep Oil is designed to fight against insomnia, promote sleep and regain restful sleep.

Why use this CBD Sleep Oil?

The stress, anxiety you experience and the pressure you face on a daily basis negatively impact the quality of your sleep and prevent you from exploiting all the potential you have. Imagine how much more you could accomplish by getting quality sleep.

Our CBD Sleep oil has been designed by CBD and aromatherapy experts to help you get the quality sleep you deserve.

Unique formulation.

A unique and complete formulation designed to guarantee effectiveness from the first nights of use. The synergy of CBD, CBN and CBC accompanied by the relaxing effects of hops and valerian will allow you to find a deep sleep, regulate your sleep cycles and soothe you at bedtime. Because people with stressful days deserve high-quality sleep.

This product does not exceed 0.00% THC

Do not consume